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Shannon MacLachlan


Hometown – Vancouver BC Canada

Age on tour – 33

Number of Years Unicycling – Does living with a unicyclist count?

Reason for touring – I want to go to Mongolia!

Wheres your other wheel? – On the back of my bike

Best thing about my unicycle – It comes with 2 wheels

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni – checking out the landscape and meeting the people

Hidden talent – I can raise my left eyebrow… all by itself.

Riding food: chocolate, nuts, and chocolate

Favourite superhero: Brew the superdog

How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb? About 60+1. 60 people to hop around on “cool lines” and one person on a bike to get the job done.


Frame – about twice as big and twice as heavy as the average uni out there
Pedals – go round and round

Hub – circular

Spokes – long and thin

Cranks – happens if you don’t sleep long enough

Rim – along the outside of the Grand Canyon

Tyre – spelled “tire” in Canada

Inner Tube – hopefully full of air

Seat – better with bike shorts

Handle – currently using a bilateral model

Seat Post – under the seat

Brakes – thank goodness there’s two