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Rod Lambert


Hometown:  Canberra Australia

Age on tour:  63

Number of Years Unicycling:  about 20

Reason for touring: Because I think I can.

Wheres your other wheel?:  I left it somewhere about 20 years ago

Best thing about my unicycle:   It is not scared of flying

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni: Riding in the hoofprints of Ghengis Khan

Hidden talent (doesn’t have to be unicycle related):  Drinking beer while standing on my head

Riding food:  Just about anything but hot curries

Favourite superhero:   John Cleese

How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb?   A lot less than changing a very heavy bulb.

21._Surrounded_by_curious_locals_(again) 12._Rod_is_a_celebrity_amongst_the_kids


Frame:   KH 36″

Pedals:   Metal

Hub:   Don’t Know

Spokes:  Stainless steel

Cranks:   Dual Hole 125/150 mm

Rim:   Alloy, white

Tyre:    Nightrider

Handle:   No handle for this trip

Seat Post:

Brakes:  Nil