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Nathan Hoover


Hometown Los Gatos, California

Age on tour 51

Number of Years Unicycling 13

Reason for touring Uni-touring is the ideal way to combine my love for unicycling with my love for travel.

Wheres your other wheel? I’ve got quite a few in the garage.

Best thing about my unicycle High gear

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni: Meeting some incredible horsemen out in the wilds.

Hidden talent:  I can juggle 7 balls.

Riding food: One of the best foods is PB&J sandwiches. Also Chocolate, although my massive supply of peanut slabs from Unicon is dwindling. I bring bars for emergency use only.

Favourite superhero: Wonder Woman (Grace)

How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb? It doesn’t matter how many there are since they’re all outdoors riding through the Mongolian grasslands where there are no light bulbs.

NathanRiding1 NathanRiding2

Frame Yellow KH36

Pedals Azonic Magnesium

Hub Schlumpf two-speed

Spokes 14ga straight

Cranks KH Moment, 150mm

Rim Nimbus Stealth Pro (White)

Tyre NiteRider

Inner Tube Coker

Seat Scott Wallis

Handle Scott Wallis DeathGrip

Handlebar Custom by Silva Cycles with carbon LP barends

Seat Post Thomson

Brake Magura HS33