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Ken Looi


Age on tour: 32

Number of Years Unicycling: 9 1/2

Reason for touring: Because I’m organising it!

Wheres your other wheel? I have 15 wheels of varying descriptions in my shed

Best thing about my unicycle: It’s sexy titanium

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni: Learning Mongolian throat singing

Hidden talent: I can turn my thumb backwards

Riding food: Whittakers Almond Gold Peanut Slabs- the best!

Favourite superhero: Chickenman, he’s everywhere he’s everywhere

How many unicyclists does it take to change a light bulb? Given the number of engineering/software/computer types in the unicycling community: One person to order a light bulb online; one person to tell you why it’s the wrong type of light bulb for this particular application; someone to reconfigure the light bulb so that it suits this particular application; an engineer to calculate the brightness to crank-length co-efficient of the light bulb; another unicyclist to insert the GPS co-ordinates of the light bulb and plot it on Google-Earth; and someone to screw the thing in.



Frame: Triton Sponge 29″ Titanium

Pedals: Snafu

Hub: Nimbus ISIS

Spokes: Wheelsmith

Cranks: Quax 100’s or 145’s

Rim: Kris Holm

Tyre: WTB Motoraptor

Inner Tube: 29″ Tioga

Seat: Impact Naomi

Handle: Plastic

Seat Post: KH Aluminium

Brakes: my thigh muscles