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Didier Record


Hometown : Le Chesnay in France, close to Paris and Versailles with a lot of woods and countryside roads all around

Age on tour : 44

Number of Years Unicycling : 3 1/2

Reason for touring : why would we need a reason ?

Wheres your other wheel? my son is using it !

Best thing about my unicycle : my home made valve cap

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni: the grass and to meet some uni heros !

Hidden talent : I can ride a bike on reverse, sit on the handlebar

Riding food : de la poudre de Perlimpinpin !

Favourite superhero: all Marvel heros from my jersey, especially the one hidden by my left arm !

How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb? it depends on the size of the wheel
Nickname at unicyclist.com : bouin-bouin

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Frame : KH-2005 29″

Pedals : Wellgo MG1

Hub : unfortunately just a KH ISIS blue ! I expect a 3 gears GUNI for a future uni tour

Spokes : 13G (2.3mm) / 287mm / black

Cranks : KH dual 125/150mm and probably 110/127mm

Rim : KH 29″x38mm

Tyre : WTB Stout 29″x2.3″

Inner Tube : 29″ Continental: 28×1.75-2.5″, 47/62-622. Schrader

Seat : KH Freeride (original 2007 Freeride with nuts)

Handle : not fixed, I will bring my custom model from my 36″ or will build a new one

Seat Post : KH 27.2mm not reinforced (KH doublebolt seat-post clamp)

Brakes : Magura HS11 with custom spooner made of rubber and rivets

mes monos 24 29 et 36 SA500307