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David Weston

Hometown : Toronto, Canada
Age on tour : 63
Number of Years Unicycling : 15
Reason for touring : Let’s see — I have already swum in the Arctic Ocean, travelled the Trans-Siberian Railway, canoed on the Amazon, rafted the Zambezi, hiked in the Himalayas, cruised the Nile and sailed across the Atlantic. What’s left? Why, unicycle Mongolia!
Wheres your other wheel? : OTHER WHEEL??!! Why should anybody have two wheels before everybody has ONE?!
Best thing about my unicycle: No room for hitch-hikers.
The thing I’m looking forward to most on Monguni : Learning about Mongolia and its people.
How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb? One half. With two hands free one unicyclist can change two light bulbs at a time.

Frame : Either a Coker 36 or a Taiwan 36
Pedals : 2
Hub : 1
Spokes : 36 (and maybe a few spares)
Cranks : 2
Rim : 1
Tyre : 1
Inner Tube : 1
Seat : 1
Handle : None
Seat Post : 1
Brakes : None
Gears: None