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Beau Hoover


Hometown: Los Gatos

Age on tour: 18

Number of Years Unicycling: 11

Reason for touring: Unitouring is a combo of traveling and unicycling… doesn’t get much better :)

Wheres your other wheel? I don’t know what you’re seeing, but I don’t see another one!

Best thing about my unicycle: It just keeps going after I think I’m too tired to keep going

The thing I’m looking forwards to most on Monguni: A chance to meet Mongolians, unicyclists, and ride offroad through the land of an empire that once spanned most of Asia!
Hidden talent: Snickerdoodle Baker

Riding food: Tons of Parmesan on a little pasta  (consumed the day before)

Favourite superhero: Dash

How many unicyclists does it take to change a lightbulb?
Unicyclists only need one


Frame: KH 36

Pedals: Azonic Magnesium

Hub: Schlumpf

Spokes: 14g

Cranks: KH Moment 150mm

Rim: Nimbus Stealth

ProTyre: Niterider

Inner Tube: Coker

Seat: Scott Wallis Prototype

Handle: Scott Wallis Deathgrip

Seat Post: Thomson

Brakes: Magura HS33