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Monguni Day 12: So long, farewell!

Today was the official end of the tour, with the group all going their separate ways. Some riders were on the first flight out, others will be going down to the Gobi dessert to ride camels.

It was sad to be  at the end of another epic unicycle tour, but we all did something pretty special…being the first unicycle tour of Mongolia.

We’d like to thank our trusty Mongolian support crew, for providing us with delicious meals to fuel our journey, and Scott and Vivienne from Bike Asia for organising the tour, and Jason from Grasshopper Adventures for supporting the journey.

The next Adventure Unicyclist tour will be in Yunnan province, China, in July/August 2011.  We have already got a cheesy name for it: The Yunnanuni tour!

We will be busy getting photos up over the next fews days, so keep an eye on this website!

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  • Hey, let’s see some more of the Mongolian activity. The various dairy products suggest some great pastoral photos will be coming!
    LDS, RVNV,TGIF(almost)

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