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Monguni, Day 11: Rally cars and injured cyclists on the road to UB

We were woken by a windstorm flattening our tents against our faces. At risk of everything being blown away, we made haste to pack up our tents in the gale force winds before taking shelter in a Ger camp for breakfast.

We bade farewell to our trusty Mongolian crew, who spent countless hours looking after us and cooking us delicious meals.

After packing ourselves into the support vehicles, we headed for the long drive back to Ulaan Baatar.

As luck would have it, we chanced upon one of the rally cars from the Mongolian Charity car rally. The rally starts in London and ends in Ulaan Baatar, and all manner of vehicles get driven thousands of km to Mongolia, where it is then donated. We met a British team, driving a 4WD ‘Ambulance’, although it was making some funny noises when it pulled up nexct to us at a petrol station. It was one of the leading teams, with many more expected to arrive over the next few days.

Not so fortunate however, was a distressed French (bi)cycle tourist who rushed up to us at the same service station asking for help. He and his friend had cycled thousands of km over several months, from France to Mongolia. With their final destination of Ulaan Baatar only a couple of days ride away, a dog had run out in front of them and his friend had flipped off the bike, landing on his head. He was still alert and conscious, but complaining of weakness on his left side, and a big haematoma on his head. We packed their bikes and the two riders into our already crowded support van, and called ahead to the French embassy and the University Hospital.

After a very rough ride for several hours, we arrived in Ulaan Baatar a little earlier than expected, having skipped our lunch stop in order to get the French rider to hospital. We heard later that he had surgery for an intracranial bleed later that evening, and was recovering well the next day.

The final dinner of the tour was at an Indian restaurant, a delicious end to our Monguni adventure!

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