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Monguni, Day 9: Orkhon River Valley and Mongolian BBQ 30km

We had a delicious breakfast of crepes and fried herb bread before packing up our camp and continuing our journey.

It was more smooth riding along grassland steppe, and we arrived at yet another rocky riverbed campsite.

This time, our Mongolian crew were keen to give us a treat, and they went to the closest Ger camp to buy a live sheep for a Mongolian BBQ. Some of the more squeamish did not stay to watch the sheep being slaughtered, although they expertly and humanely killed the animal, skinned and prepared it for us. It was cooked in a large pot with heated river stones thrown in with the meat.

After our meal we had a bonfire and had to trade singing with the Mongolian crew. Needless to say, our crew won the singing contest, especially as the best we could come up with was ‘YMCA’, ‘Kookaburra sits on the old gumtree’, ‘hokey tokey’, and when we were really struggling…..’jingle bells’.

It was a fun night, and we ended up dancing around the fire to Mongolian disco songs afterwards.

*warning- picture gallery contains graphic images of our dinner*

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