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Monguni Day 8: Cycle Orkhon River Valley 46km

We were a little sad to pack up our camp in such an idyllic location, but after a rest day, were were rearing to go.

We crossed the river and headed back along the valley we came. Although we were doubling back, no one was disappointed as it meant more fast sandy riding and dodging lava boulders.

Lunch was at the junction of where we had turned off up the valley, and another herd of goats came over to see what unicycles tasted like.

We continued along the Orhon River, and climbed up a hill to magnificent views of the river and floodplains below. A small Ger was perched at the top, with a tamed Golden Eagle on display. They are used for hunting, apparently.

We descended a technical sandy trail to our campsite, on the rocky riverbed next to the receeded river. Some horses were a little upset that their favourite waterhole had been taken over by a bunch of people on one wheel, but did not give us any problems.

Another refreshing dunk in the river was a must, to get rid of layers of dirt and sunscreen.

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