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Monguni Day 6: Cycle to Orkhon Falls 37km

The day started with a big climb to over 2000m again, but we were well rewarded with the views. A bigger reward still was the epic descent into the river valley below. The terrain was still predominantly grassland steppe, but now there was a large exposed lavaflow as well. We spent the rest of the day riding on sandy ground dodging huge boulders of lava and well as the more ubiquitous horsedung.

We were given some interesting insights into the lava formations by our resident geologists, Daniel and Kris.

David S collected yet more bones along the way, with his Schlumpf unicycle now adorned with bits of jaw, tusks and feathers like some sort of medieval ‘wheel of death’.

We arrived at what can only be described as a very large cliff, with the Orkhon river roaring below. It was a good place for a campsite, even if some of our riders chose to perch their tents just a few metres from the edge of the cliff.

Our camp was invaded by a herd of goats, and we had to chase our bleating invaders away before they ate our tents and unicycles.

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