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Monguni, Day 4: Cycle towards Tsangam Sum 30km

We had Omelettes and Flapjacks for breakfast, so were pretty well fueled for the days ride.

After saying farewell to our hosts, we set off down the lush valley, following the Tsenger River. Again we see many herds of horses, goats and sheep, who were somewhat startled to see us. They don’t have many bikes around these parts, let along unicycles!

The big challege of the day were our multiple river crossings, and we challenged each other to ride across the shallow ones without getting wet feet, usually unsuccessfully.

After lunch on a hilltop, we bid farewell to two our our Mongolian crew- Masha and Temur, who had accompanied us from Ulaan Baatar. They had come all the way for just the first couple of days to see us unicycle in Mongolia.

It was a fast ride back down the valley to our campsite by the river. After setting up our tents, it wasn’t long before we dipped ourselves into the refreshing (somewhat chilly) river to cool off. There were plenty of fish swimming about, mainly due to the Mongolians preferrence for red meat which leaves the rivers well populated.

Some of the riders climbed up the hill for a better view of the hillside, whilst others lounged by the river reading or playing cards. We were visited by some of the local horsemen who again tried out our unicycles whilst our unicyclists galloped about on their horses.

A biplane flew past our campsite, making several passes to greet our travellers. Apparently biplanes are more common in the countryside, as they are easier to land and take off from short runways

Christian and Didier (our French riders) brought out the Pastis (French Liquor) and Peanuts as an appetiser, and we followed that with barbequed fish caught from the river we were camped next to.

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