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Monguni, Day 3: Tsetserleg

We woke up to a clear, crisp morning, surrounding by rolling hills and snow off in the distance.  It was cold but at least it was dry after last nights rain.  We fumbled around with frozen fingers and chilled extremeties, but there is nothing like a good warm cup of coffee/tea and a hot breakfast to warm you up.

After assembling our unicycles we packed up the tents and headed into the local town of Tsetserleg.  Some of went to explore the local market.

Unfortunately, this is the the last update we will have for the next 8 days, as this is the closest thing to an internet cafe we will have until we arrive back in Ulaan Baatar.

We will be riding to the Tsenger hot springs, 32km away.  We can hardly wait!

Photos will be uploaded when we get back!

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2 comments on “Monguni, Day 3: Tsetserleg

  • Have a fantastic journey everyone. Just wish I was good enough to join you on your huge adventure. Look forward to seeing the photos in 8 days time.

  • Anxiously awaiting an update, hope you all had a great time!!!

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