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Monguni, Day 1: Ulaan Baatar

This is the official start of the tour. We have most of our riders here already. After a quick breakfast we were off to explore the town and send off some postcards.

Roger and Ken were the first to hit the streets on their unicycles, and were quite possibly the first ever unicyclists in Mongolia.  It was difficult riding, with the footpaths full of people and the streets somewhat full of Mongolian drivers (need we say more?).  They sat down and had a nice cold Guinness at the local Irish-Mongolian pub after their errands.

We all changed our money for Mongolian Turgriks, at the many banks and money changers in UB.  Several of the riders became instant millionaires, with $1USD approx  MND1350 tugriks.

We also visited the Winter Palace, which was the residence of the regligious buddhist leaders about a century ago. We marvelled at the rich tapestries, taxidermied penguins, and the pornographic paintings on the walls, as well as many relics from that era.

After a group briefing we set off to dinner.  Beau and Oliver ordered the local Mongolian speciality meat dish. The waiter smirked and we found out shortly after why when he brought out a Mountain of Meat on a plate.  This will keep our youngest growing men in the group going for a while!

Others dined on horsemeat and other local delicacies. As the T-shirt said: Meat is for men, grass if for animals.

Not so good for the vegetarians in our group!

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One comment on “Monguni, Day 1: Ulaan Baatar

  • Shout out to Jiahui, the first Singa unicyclist in Mongolia!

    But unlike the blogpost says — sorry, Roger and Ken are not the first unicyclists in Mongolia. A French circus on unicycles/pennyfarthings/recumbents was here about 5 years ago, and iirc the Mongolian circus has pretty accomplished unicyclists, going back at least to 1996 (and Russian unicyclists even earlier than that).

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