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Arrival in Mongolia!

A group of us arrived in Ulaan Baatar from the Beijing flight, whilst others were arriving tommorrow. We all got a bit of a shock when we found out that Ashley had been turned back at San Francisco airport, because she didn’t have a transit visa. Luckily her airline sorted out their mistake and booked her in for a flight to join us the next day.

Ken was delayed at at Ulaan Baatar when his bag got sniffted for drugs by the sniffer dogs, and resulted in one rather large drug dog drooling all over his first aid kit (I’m not importing drugs into Mongolia- honest!)

The capital city of Mongolia, Ulaan Baatar was an interesting town. It seemed to be filled with nothing but pubs and banks. I guess there must be a big alchol and banking industry in Mongolia!

We had dinner at a Mexican/Indian restaurant- The Los Banditos. Apparently the only Mexican/Indian restaurant in Mongolia.  The curry went well with the nachos.

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